Advented: day six

On-going series, once a day until Christmas, offering as its treat a book, film, piece of music or other worthy experience. Check them out. It’s my gift to you.

Day six – The TripSteve Coogan & Rob Brydon

There’s a fine line, they say, between comedy and tragedy. In The Trip, an oblique comedy masterclass from Steve Coogan (of Alan Partridge fame) and Rob Brydon (Marion & Geoff) that line is trodden expertly and carefully, resulting in a truly brilliant series of understated comic moments as Coogan and Brydon (playing versions of themselves) visit a series of restaurants in the North of England.

Rarely delivering laugh-out-loud moments, The Trip instead is a continuing stream of entertainment and pleasure. There’s something quite relaxing about listening to the banter between the two stars, who here play the roles of being slightly cantankerous older gentlemen to perfection.

Oh, and they throw in a few impressions along the way too. It won’t be the most spectacular gift I give to you in Advented this Christmas, but it’s a rare festive gem that you’ll be unlucky to miss. Catch it on iPlayer whilst you still can.


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