Advented: day seven

On-going series, once a day until Christmas, offering as its treat a book, film, piece of music or other worthy experience. Check them out. It’s my gift to you.

Day seven – The Towering Inferno

Screenshot from the film showing Paul NewmanChristmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a little light disaster, or in the case of this, the ultimate seventies disaster film, a massive and fiery disaster.

It’s not a spoiler to say the plot involves a fire in a skyscraper; the film pretty much follows the Ronseal formula when it comes to its name. There’s a tower and an inferno. It is probably the best old-school disaster flick, and with Paul Newman and Steve McQueen in starring roles it’s got some serious acting chops.

It’s also about three hours long. This makes it the perfect film to have on immediately following Christmas dinner, so when you’re feeling stuffed and you’re drifting in and out of consciousness in front of the TV you can hop in and out of the plot without missing too much; by the time the film’s over it’ll be time for you to rouse yourself in readiness for supper. For some reason (charred flesh?) the TV networks aren’t likely to put it on at lunch, so buy or burn yourself a DVD.


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