Advented: day eleven

On-going series, once a day until Christmas, offering as its treat a book, film, piece of music or other worthy experience. Check them out. It’s my gift to you.

Day eleven – Brave New World

Brave New World cover imageHow on earth is Brave New World a suitable book for inclusion in a countdown to Christmas?

That’s a question I can’t really answer. It is not Christmas themed in any way, it is not uplifting, it does not champion the human spirit and it will stamp on any seasonal joy you might happen to have. It’s still a book everyone should read, and consequently it’s my day eleven advent gift to you.

It is the future. Mankind is segregated into classes who are physically altered and indoctrinated to better suit the functions society requires them to perform. Epsilon semi-morons toil mindlessly, whilst the developed minds of the Alphas tend the hatcheries and conditioning centres.

Everyone is glad of their station: gammas wear green and are so stupid, alphas work so hard. I’m awfully glad I’m a beta. Everyone belongs to everyone else.

This book will make your soul ache. But it might be the most important gift I give you this advent.


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