Advented: day fourteen

On-going series, once a day until Christmas, offering as its treat a book, film, piece of music or other worthy experience. Check them out. It’s my gift to you.

Day fourteen – Pass it forward: interesting overheard conversations

You’ve now had thirteen gifts from me. I hope you’ve got me something special in return. What do you mean you haven’t? How selfish of you. It’s really not the season for selfishness you know. There there, don’t cry. Listen, what about something for you to give to someone else? Yes, that’d help wouldn’t it?

Have you ever been walking past people on the street and heard a snatch of their conversation which made you laugh or which really piqued your interest? Nice wasn’t it? Well why not give that little enjoyable moment to someone else?

Crowd in silhouette

The rules of the game are simple and it is best played in twos or small groups, though if you’re alone you can do it by pretending to be having a mobile phone conversation. Essentially, you time saying something interesting/weird/funny so that it occurs when you’re passing someone. The idea is that they hear one sentence or so.

They’re not meant to think you’re doing it for their benefit, in fact it spoils it if they suspect you’re not having a genuine conversation. If playing in groups, the idea is to say the funniest or weirdest thing the stranger is ever likely to overhear in passing.

Fun for you, fun for the person who overhears something like “…of course I’m not allowed near animals anymore, not since the last time…”

You’re welcome.


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