30DSC: Music Which Reminds Me of Someone

Day 5 of the 30 day song challenge. Today, music which brings back memories of someone.

blink-182 – All The Small Things

I keep thinking I really ought to stop liking blink-182. I’m not a teenager any more; I should be tired of their silliness shouldn’t I?

I was never that interested in music when I was younger. There were a few songs I liked, but they tended to be quite high in novelty value and low in artistic worth. Top of the Pops was still on television, and mostly showed a deluge of unremarkable pop — so I thought at the time anyway, it was only in my mid teens that I discovered Britpop — whilst the radios were equally as bland.

blink-182 and especially this song remind me of my introduction to a world that at the time I thought impossibly cool. I remember we used to sit in French lessons, stabbing each other in the leg with pens. Happy times. He’d sometimes hum this song and others, providing a portal into the kind of alternative music which fascinated me but which I was too shy to admit I’d never heard.

When my internet connection was fast enough, I downloaded songs like All The Small Things and was enlightened. But I’ll never forget sitting there in my French class, bleeding slightly from the leg, having this music hummed at me by the boy with the crooked smile.


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