30DSC: A Song I Know the Words to

Day 8 of the 30 day song challenge. Today, a song I know the lyrics to.

Weezer – Buddy Holly

I bear a striking resemblance to Buddy Holly, and gosh, but aren’t you Mary Tyler Moore? This is easily the most infectiously joyous song you’ll play today. Is it any wonder I know all the words?

I first remember hearing it in the early noughties, at a guess I would say probably around 2001. Ten years ago, then. Goodness, I feel old. But then I suppose I am old — at least, as old as it’s possible to say you are whilst in your early-mid twenties. I understand I’m still a bairn, all things told, but did you notice I put the word “early” into my previous sentence to soften the blow of “mid twenties”? Yeah.

The point is though, it’s an old song. Buddy Holly was released in 1994 on Weezer’s first and eponymous album. I am always a little surprised when I learn this again; it’s a remarkably fresh sound. Perhaps because it’s self-consciously a bit retro. If you’re clever then a retro sound can keep your song going well past its sell-by date. Trying to sound modern dates your music so quickly. Today’s cavalcade of heavily autotuned music will in just a few years sound as cheesey as the wibbly-wobbly vocoder on Cher’s Believe.

Yes it will. Trust me; I look just like Buddy Holly.


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