30DSC: My Favourite Classical Music

Day 9 of the 30 day song challenge. Today, a classical piece.

Beethoven – Appassionata

Classical music is what you might listen to as you relax. It can be soothing, or grandoise. It’s music which you might listen to when you’re sad. It’s artful and it’s mannered. But what about classical music as noise and storm? What about classical music which grips you, hurts you, shakes you? Beethoven can do that. “You’re hurting me, let go. I understand”, we might say, “I understand.” But the Appassionata won’t let you go, doesn’t care what you understand. It has you. Oh, it has you.

It teases you, the Appassionata. It opens with refined elegance, that oh-so-considered beauty of plinky-plonky piano. But then the bass notes kick in underneath, and soon the elegance is lost in the squall. When that melody reemerges, it’s thundering, plaintive. It means a storm is coming.

And what a storm. It’s dark and it’s terrible and it’s beautiful. You’re caught in it, whipped up. It’s emotion wrought as music; it churns, throws you about and makes you wish for the end which never quite comes. Play it louder, play the Appassionata louder.

It’s music in which you can’t help but get lost, deep and black as pitch. It’s music which says so much without a single word. I love it just as much as I’m disturbed by it.


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